NY vehicle exhaust bill

They are trying to be California of the East. The world is meltdown down and you want to harass people over their exhaust? How are police supposed to not only enforce this but have vehicles equipped with a device to detect it if at the same time you want to defund them?


I just read in, I believe London, they have installed decibel meters on their traffic cameras to fine people if their cars are too loud

Defund the police in New York, but....

Retrofit all the vehicles with devices to detect the sound. Allocate the defunded law enforcement to pulling over people for this. 

Anyone in car culture knows there are a lot of non white people that modify their cars. The percentage of minorities in car culture are higher than the population percentage of their race. So create a situation where more minorities are being harassed by cops with large fines and create possible violent encounters with angry people for no reason at all. 

A minority dies as a result of this with a physical confrontation with the police. 

Back to defund the police and pretend like this bill didn't create the problem. 

defund the police is something both the right and the left can get behind

The thing I don’t get is yes car exhausts are annoying but how come dudes on bikes don’t get their balls busted. Those Harleys with straight pipes are way louder 

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