NYC Bound. Renzo's, Marcelo's & Marcos Santos.

Flying out tomorrow for Tribeca.

What are the drop in rates & protocol for training at any of these academy's.

Also, which school is Renzo usually at?  Brooklyn, NJ or Connecticut?

Much Thanks in Advance,




Manhattan for Renzo. If you get lucky, you'll catch him.

i'd hit up shaolin's.

If you want to be certain to roll with the head instructor you will want to go to Marcelo's or Shaolin's.

I don't think Marcos santos is in NYC anymore. Isn't that the guy that marcelo took per his school? Phone Post

Alliance NYC is great also. Phone Post 3.0

i'll be in the city next wknd too, probably find a place to drop in on saturday for a couple hours.

i've already been to marcelos twice (had a great time) maybe shaolins or alliance next.....ya can't go wrong in NYC has some great teams all close by each other!!

PTM Marcelo is there daily and you are in luck. Bernardo Faria will be teaching at Marcelo's all this week so I would def go. No idea how much is the mat fee for non Alliance people as I am Alliance and was in town for the NY Open and went to the academy.