NYC hand-rolled cigar store?

Any NYCers ever tried the cigars from the cigar shop on 22nd St. between 5th & 6th or 6th and 7th? I forget the name of it (Pete's maybe?). They claim to hand roll all their cigars on premisis. Just curious as I always walk by it and wonder if they are worth giving as gifts to cigar friends.


There's an excellent place down towards the wtc. Church st and, I believe, duane. (Maybe a block or two south)... Enjoy.

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PS I usually hand-rolled cigars that are rolled in front of you to be so so at best. No age= bad thing in cigars. IMO. But feel free to send me 1, just to make sure

i had a hand rolled in costa rica that was rolled by a nasty looking old cuban woman. the family gets their tabacco and rapper from cuba and she rolls them in their shop in quepos. they let the stoggies age before selling them and they are muey bueno! i have two aging in my humidor right now(under all those pesky MC#2's).... : )

JM, if you can make it out to the commerce PG poker event, one of those MC#2's has your name on it.

Where is it?