NYC is going to sh*t.

Sounds like Hell on a boat.

Zombie pirate ship!

Let it float out and sink it.

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Jeeeeez. This is just down the block from the piano factory. A better part of Astoria.


i was just reading about that, thats some sad shit :confused: poor woman

and im sure someone posted on here the guy that got his neck slashed and died on the subway? (might have been yesterday)

Have to love when people say it’s not that bad


RIP Sister. She’d have helped that guy in a heartbeat.

He should be flayed. Fuck his issues


My oldest wants to go to NYC for holiday weekend . I mean like early December to see it done up

Without scrolling thread , honestly how dangerous is the city , even just sticking to touristy areas like midtown or up to start of park ?

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It’s a fucking war zone plain and simple.
It’s not like the road warrior but make no mistake it’s chaos. Ton of homeless people many who are mentally ill. Criminals roam the streets knowing that if they get arrested they will be set free in hours. Police presence is nonexistent. You very well can have no issues but the criminal element is lurking and it’s all over.




That really sucks and makes me sad that I never got to see the city

The marathon is set to take place soon
Do they just steer clear of certain areas when making the route?
Or so many people out that day that it’s not really a issue?

It’s like anything else Mayor Asshole Adams will have the police out and will try and keep up appearances as best they can

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When I did Savannah half marathon last year we ran like 3 miles through the most depressing poor hood I’ve ever seen. Think half of us had white guilt lol

But lot of them were out waving from homes and smiling . Guessing hoods don’t come out for NYC welcome committe

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Most of da hood sleeps during the day.


They will come out for you.

They will wave at you too. Guns and knives though.

Dude, NYC is ass. How the hell have you been in Boston more than me, yet never been NYC? You are a strange character Mr grit.

NYC is small, tight. Claustrophobic. Every inch used and monopolized. At least it was. I envision it the same, except some you brush shoulders with were just released from a murder sentence after one day good behavior.

D not take your kid there.

What about Montreal? Head north. B’ gotta be playing at some point, bell center not bad.


You will probably be ok if you stick to the tourist areas and avoid the subways at all costs.

But really why risk it? Don’t give the city any tax dollars or revenue until they address the problems they created.


We didn’t take family trips as a kid . Besides going to Florida with my dad a few times we literally went no where as a fam. So I wasn’t wired for desire to see any of it

So you guys are saying even doing the most generic home alone 2 daytime stuff in NYC is still risky? Still gotta be bazillion people on streets . No subway .

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wife and i want to go back and visit family in the bronx but i just fucking refuse to real with the insanity at this point.

we were thinking of going in December to hang with family and meet up with another family that has a son going to Pace university but i just won’t do it.

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I wouldn’t do it dude.


To see tall buildings? You saw some yesterday. The rats in NYC are carrying monkeypox these days.

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