nyc mma show?

anyone hear anything about an underground mma show in nyc this coming weekend?

You cant possibly expect an underground MMA show to be posted on here with the boxing commisions checking these boards from time to time looking to bust them up.

Speaking of that article done yet? :)

Hope all is well Jim..cya soon


No, but what happened to your event? Come on kid, bring it to the masses.


the article is in print - i'm just waiting for my copies to come in the mail.


the athletic commission stepped in 2 days before my show was supposed to happen and pressured the venue to not let the show go down.

gokartmozart how do you pronounce "j__?", in "want a blow j__?". I just want to have this down pat, when I get there.

i've actually been to the hotel pennsylvania. forum member "submit-uk" and i had to pick up some dvds from some brit chicks there. those rooms are damn tiny!

geeeezzz, don't people realize that doing stuff like this makes things WORSE?

What did you trade for the dvd's with, toothpaste & floss?

ttt for toothpaste and dental floss.

It's going to make my day when MMA comes to the Garden

ok, i talked to the promoter so i have the info - but i'm not going to post the details here.

if anyone is interested, email me at and i'll give you the lowdown.





ttt one last time.