NYC NHB Show pics 3/08 (PICS)

Another fun show of NHB fighting in NYC. Here are a few pics, the rest are up at

Sekou Mau Mau (guy with lots of tattoos) who got KO'd in the main event had an animated attitude before and after his fight. Refused to touch gloves before and after his fight, and after he got TKo/KO'd, he stood in the center of the ring posturing up and shouting stuff like "I'm Still Here, I'm Still Standing." He was game enough to get in the ring and bang, though.

Peter Storm isolated him in his corner and controlled Mr. Mau Mau until the event was over and most people had left. It looked as if Mr. Mau Mau was ready to engage with someone, including "respected forum brother" and pro fighter Andrew Montanez, who called a stop to his fight.

Being the UCL, there was a healthy amount of downward elbows, head stomps, knees to the head, strangulations, foot breaking stomps, and head butts, one of which busted open someone's brow. (There was also some pretty good action inside the ring as well).



Thanks HKP, took me a second...

awesome pics as usual. i'm glad the promoter allowed that interspecies fight between that cat and that pitbull.

Take down of the night goes to: Referee and Pro Fighter Andrew Montanez.


those are great.

Where did they find the witch doctor guy?

"Where did they find the witch doctor guy?"

Not sure, maybe SiouxNYC knows. That guy seemed to be a sensei of sorts, as he brought a guy in a karate gi who got strangled in his match.


His mask is pretty cool though.

sweet mask

the witch doctor was sekou mau mau and he fought at a prior show (the show where frankie edgar made his mma debut). at that prior show, he went out to touch gloves and his opponent cheap shotted him and KO'd him.

Good night. After my TKO Montanez was asking me what night it was, make sure I was OK. All I could think to say was "fight night!" and lol at myself.

Did I meet you JumpKick?

Man, I am missing all the good stuff since I moved to CT.

Well that explains the reason why he did not touch gloves in the
begining. Think all the tatoos on his face made his chin weak.

Jolly good show!!!!!

that was a nice takedown

"Where did they find the witch doctor guy?"

He is from Pittsburgh, PA.

Kim's Karate I think he said. They do a few arts there they said. The guy in the grappling match that came with him said he did Judo, no BJJ.

so he's an israelite? that's what some of those tats look like to me?

Mr. Mao Mao and the guy he brought from his Martial Arts school get my full respect for traveling to NYC to fight in the underground show. They both seemed pretty game, but over matched.

James, I'll introduce myself next time. Can you post about your experience at the UCL? You are now 1-1 in the UCL. Was that your first loss by ko/tko?


Unfortunately that was my 2nd loss by TKO. I fought on 2/16 in Ohio against Nick Duell.

UCL is a great show, lots of familiar faces the second time around. Everyone ia approachable and Storm seems like he is always on top of things.

A few of us were thinking "WTF??" when they were asking the crowd for a stopwatch. Perhaps they should invest in a bell to, I was surprised that a boxing gym did not have a bell/timer on hand anyway.

BYOTP- bring your own toilet paper. That gym is great for holding the event but we all have to admit it was a bit skanky.

The crowd is my favorite at the UCL so far than at the other shows I have been to. You don't hear stupid shit from them, less taunting, less ignorant people screaming. Probably because everyone there is a fighter, trains with fighters, or is a friend of a fighter. They seem to respect MMA more than random joe schmoes which is great.

The fights were all good from what I have seen both times. I don't recall any stalling. Nice pace the whole time. I think out of both shows the last match was the only blow up I have heard of.

All in all great show and I will definitely fight there again.