NYC Not Feeling Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang is too much of beta male to be politician


Eric Adams remains front-runner in NYC mayoral primary with Maya Wiley and Kathryn Garcia battling for second in last-minute poll as New Yorkers prepare to vote TODAY

  • New York Mayoral candidate Eric Adams remains the front-runner in the race
  • A poll shows 26 per cent of likely primary voters said Adams is their first choice
  • Meanwhile, Maya Wiley and Kathryn Garcia are battling for second with 21 per cent and 18 per cent of votes respectively
  • New York residents are heading to the polls today in the Democratic primary

Gee golly I wonder why? Maybe it might have to do with the left openly hating Asians for being successful and crushing the liberal talking point that you can’t immigrate here or be a POC in the states without white supremacy holding you back.


Yang is Asian, not going to get the black dem vote. Adams is a former NYPD cop who uses his time on the force to destroy the police department which registers well with the dumb dems who think NYC needs less police.


A black cop is going to win. He’s a black guy so New Yorkers white guilt won’t act up when he pledges to crack down on the crime that scares them so much


Being nerdy is not cool. You need to be unapolgetic alpha male to run shit.

DiBlasio is as beta as it gets.

I’m rooting for Maya Wiley. She is DiBlasio 2.0.

Liberal media went on narrative attack on Yang since beginning. Adams had the benefit of black privilege so he wasn’t attacked for having the same viewpoints. Good example is speaking up for Israel against Palestine rocket attacks. Yang was attacked by NYT endlessly yet Adams said the same thing and didn’t get a peep in liberal media.

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There’s a lot of black privilege in politics



… and Andrew Yang drops out.

what is eric adams like? Is he another leftist lunatic cuck faggot like deblasio or will he actually make things better in NYC?

I think he’s a former cop and not down with defund the police

Yang wasn’t working with the same advisors of his presidential campaign and hired a different consulting firm to help run his mayoral campaign, and they told Dave Chappelle they didn’t want him involved when he offered to do free comedy shows in support of Yang.

Just very bad decisions from a shit firm, but the blame is on Yang for using them. This was Yang’s race to lose for like 10+ weeks after he announced his run, and he squandered it all.

That’s a good start.

Andrew Yang - once considered a favorite to win New York City’s mayoral primary - conceded less than two hours after the polls closed Tuesday night.

‘You all know I am a numbers guy, I’m someone who traffics in what’s happening by the numbers,’ Yang told supporters in Manhattan. ‘And I am not going to be the next mayor of New York City based upon the numbers that have come in. Tonight, I am conceding this race.’

SMH, this guy perpetuates that nerdy Asian stereotype to nth degree

Leftists hate him because he’s a former Republican cop who ran a law and order campaign.

He is not really a “conservative” by any stretch, but was the closest to a center-right candidate of anyone on the dem. ticket.

Dude is also very, very corrupt. He’s faced city, state, and federal investigations for years and has a ton of conflicts of interest.


At least this time he didn’t pour whip cream into “voters” mouths. I get it, he was trying to be funny/edgy, but it came off really bad.

Also, moving to Georgia during the senate race to push the Dems forward was a bad look. Yes he showed he’s a “team” player but what he was doing was highly questionable and didn’t sit right with independents.

If this guy had any decent PR people working with him, he’d be much more successful.

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He moved to GA to help dems GOTV. There were major political operatives from both parties who relocated to GA for the month before the special election.

Yang didn’t vote in GA nor did he claim residency. Dude was there to campaign for dems.

Nothing wrong with that and there is no evidence (polling or otherwise) that independents didn’t like it.

I took a random poll and 100% of the independents I asked (1) all said the same thing. Andrew Yang is a cuck and unfit to lead.