Acom-Sports is hosting an OPEN grappling tournament in NYC @ the fighthouse, located on 122 w 27th street. Registration is only $35 Pre-Registration or $45 at the door. This tournament will be sanctioned by USA JUDO INC. Anyone interested in competing, call me at 347-432-4024 Ask for Jerry Mendez. Competitors will compete for Gold and Silver medals.

There will also be an Open-Weight Tournament for the Acom-Sports NYC OPEN GRAPPLING CHAMPIONSHIP belt. For more info, call or email:

We will be running 3 Rings. 2 Matted areas and one Boxing ring for the Advanced divisions



takedown 2 pts

sidemount 2 pts

mount 3 pts

backmount 4 pts

sweep 2pts

Submission attempt 1pt


Beginner: under 1 year of grappling training

intermediate: over 1 year and under 3 years of grappling training

advanced: above 3 years of grappling training


Beginners: 4 minutes

intermediate: 5 minutes

Advanced: 6 minutes


205 - OVER

185 - 205

170 - 184

155 - 169

154 - 141

140 - UNDER


don't worry. results from sundays event will be up soon.

Open Weight Rules are:

-6 minute matches

-All Submissions Legal

-First 3 minutes is no scoring, Last 3 minutes will be scored (Real Fighting Alliance rules)

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Advanced divisions going first or last this time around??

May I suggest letting the advanced guys go first? This will help encourage more guys to come and compete because the more experienced guys will be able to focused on coacing their matches.

We are just running divisions. We won't run teams so all the divisions will go at the same time. We are gonna work out the kinks to make this next event run smoother and faster. A belt will be on the line for the NYC OPEN GRAPPLING CHAMPIONSHIPS.

actually that doesn't sound like a bad idea. I will definitely consider that. Thx Little ron

Little Ron - did u compete Sunday?



Yes I did. In the team competition I bumped up to 185 so we would have enough guys for a team. I went 2-0 in the team competition.

Then lost to a very game Alex (think that is his first name) Vamos by 3 points in the advanced 170. Considering out last match 7 months ago he tapped me out this was a nice personal victory. I look forward to rolling with him again nice guy.

I was bored and did the open division. I ended up losing by 1 point but to be fair I didn't know the other guy scored it so I was playing more passive then I should have. Regardless if I agree with the point or not it was still a good learning experience with the Abu Dhabi rule set.

I am the second from the left with the Combat Athlete rashguard.

On a side note that team thing was some of the most fun I've ever had at a competition and I compete fairly often.

I look forward to July.

you're an instructor at Serra's? I lost to the redheaded guy on your team in the team tournament and then again in the advanced 205 to the guy in the blue rashguard, not pictured. He was nice enough not to hook my nose to sink the rnc...

What are the belt rankings for the guys on your team that competed in the team tournament?

You guys had a good showing!

Thanks, we had fun.

You must be talking about Christian, that was hilarious.

I am a junior instructor, I help out with beginner classes and the adminstrative stuff.

Myself, the Red head guy (torch) and the Christian (blue rash guard) are all purple belts.

Mike in the white shirt just got his blue belt a week ago.

And Shawn in the dark tshirt is a high blue.

How about the guy that subbed Vamos in the finals... he was very slick.

Yeah I hope he shows up to the next one I'd like see how my style would match with his. IIRC Vamos was doing really well against him and up by a lot of points till he got caught. But that submission was slick I had never seen it prior to that day.

Yeah, he pulled off another technique I had never seen a little earlier in the bracket too, either a choke or armlock, Emerson said he'd show us this week...


"-All Submissions Legal"

Bonus for finishes via Camel Clutch.

This next event is gonna be even better. The competition at the last one was simply amazing. This one will feature the advanced divisions going first. We will have another weight class.

141 - 155

140 - below new weight class

I will schedule a team competition later on in august.