yeah all the guys that fought, looked good,nice job by everyone,i told my guys not to be depressed..i only had 3 bluebelts on team comp.other 2 were white..

i hope u let pro' sucked cause most of my purple and brownbelts r pro fighters, so my team was little week...i think if we can get a team league would be great idea...

what u guys think

"i hope u let pro"

That the athletic commission's decision - Jerry's at their mercy for events held in NY.

true,kinda.. sucks

How many purple and brown belts have you awarded?

i have 2 brown and 3 purple belts

one of the brownbelts is themi papadimtriou

purplebelts , carlos rodrigues, rob guarino at rhino

Where do you teach gi classes?

only on sundays, tell u the truth i been so focused on mma last 3 years.. i really not great with gi,,i probably get killed if i put gi on again

kip u fought at tournament

no one would beat my heavy weight,, he just came second in usa submission championship to JEFF MONSON he lose 2-1 but he is pro fights for IFL

yes, 185 - 205, Team Emerson Souza BJJ

nice u did good job.i like emerson classy guy...

Thanks. Emerson's great, taught me all I know...

You could always go outside, should be 20 - 30 deli's nearby...

everyone big now..seen big nick at tournament.. damn guy is huge,, when i had to fight him ,,he was like twice my size

i think when we fought i was 195lbs, and he was 330

"i think when we fought i was 195lbs, and he was 330"

Yes - we all know he is bigger than you ;)