NYKK at "Born to Fight"

Cung Le and Ush gear, in cooperation with the IKF did a FANTASTIC job with this year's "born to fight" event! A great coming together of the nation's top San Da and Muay Thai guys and gals :) Fantastic fights. We had a blast, and we did ok too!!!

NYKK Team co-captain Josh Beauregard wins the IKF middleweight US title

Ian Morgan wins his super fight

Tim O'Connor loses a tough decision to Jeff Gonsales of Team USH

Norma Avalos wins 2nd in the women's middleweight tournament

Greg Lachage wins 1st place/Gold medal in men's 154 lbs

Lino Azewvado wins 2nd in men's 176 lbs

some pics of course :)

1st pic, Ian Morgan wins

2nd pic, after 4 rounds, a WAR, we wait for a decision

3rd pic, crowd cheers for Josh's effort

"and the winner is JOSH BEAUREGARD"

nervons energy, what a tough fight, do a little dance, but FULL RESPECT to a tough as nails Kevin Rueles

Ian Morgan (kneeling), Josh Beaurgard, David Ross (me!) and Steve Ventura after the matches

finally, some relief!

and knowing we are gong for steak and lobster!