NYPD Detective Caught on Camera Stealing $$$

Watch an NYPD Detective pocket $2,650 during a loose cigarette sting


At least this NYPD detective didn't kill someone for selling loose cigarettes. Instead, he allegedly stole $2,650, perhaps as a way of rewarding himself for a job well done. Ian Cyrus, a 12-year veteran of the department, was helping his fellow officers conduct the raid after a store employee allegedly sold loose cigarettes to an undercover officer. They took $593 from the cash register as well as packs of cigarettes as evidence, WABC-TV reported. But deli owner Ali Abdullah noticed something else was missing — about $2,650 in rent funds hidden in a box under the store's counter. After looking at the security footage, the money appeared to have disappeared into Cyrus's pocket. The moment comes around the 1:20 mark in the video [above]. Ian Cyrus, the detective seen in the video stuffing the wad of cash in his pocket, has been suspended, but not arrested.

Suspended with full pay, imho Phone Post 3.0

Have the hipsters made NYC so boring that the cops have to resort to preventing tax dodging on loosies? Phone Post 3.0

So glad they're focusing on getting these sick fucks selling loosies off our streets. 

Loosie laws are ridiculous Phone Post 3.0

Technical Primates -

So glad they're focusing on getting these sick fucks selling loosies off our streets. 

Wonder if they shot all the Camels and Reddog beer once they entered? Phone Post 3.0

Sensei Milla 209TT - Loosie laws are ridiculous Phone Post 3.0

If you've ever been to any borough in NYC you'd know every single bodega, store, deli whatever you wanna call it sells loosies.

It's fucking unamerican and you better give me my cancer in bulk! Phone Post 3.0

Musashi - meh.. I'm no apologist for crooked cops but that has to be a fucked up temptation.. Out of sight.. massive wad of cash.. in fucking BED STUY. He's still an idiot though. He looked right up at the camera.
You know what stops temptation? Being afraid of going to fucking jail! Phone Post 3.0