NYPD used excessive force on James Blake

Since I remember people saying it wasn't wrong:

The New York policeman who wrestled James Blake, the former US tennis star, to the ground last month used excessive force and should face disciplinary action, according to the findings of a city commission investigating the incident.

It paves the way for either a negotiated settlement between the policeman and Blake or an internal New York Police Department trial.

Blake, 35, was arrested, forced to the ground and handcuffed on September 9 outside a hotel in Manhattan as he was heading to watch the US Open.

James Frascatore, a plainclothes police officer, had mistaken him for another man, who was suspected of illegally selling cell phones.

The Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB), which looks at complaints against police, said it had "substantiated one or more allegations" by Blake against Mr Frascatore and recommended he face discipline that could include suspension or sacking, according to a letter sent to Blake's lawyer.

Officer Daniel Herzog, who authorised Blake's arrest, was also cited in the review, for abuse of authority, for which the board recommended minor administrative punishments.

Blake welcomed the "quick and thorough review of the incident during which I was attacked."

"It is my understanding that these officers now face an administrative trial for their roles in the respective offenses," he added.

The decision on whether the officers will face further punishment now falls to Bill Bratton, the New York police commissioner.

Any police internal trial would be a "very public process," he said.

Mr Bratton has previously deemed Frascatore's actions unjustified and apologized to Blake.

Blake, who was ranked as high as number four in the world during his tennis career, is black and has said he felt a responsibility to use the incident and his celebrity to raise awareness about police violence.

Police across the United States are under fierce scrutiny over accusations of excessive or deadly force against black American men.

But the review's findings angered Patrick Lynch, president of the New York Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, who called the CCRB "cop-hating" and said Officer Frascatore used "an acceptable technique to gain compliance during a complex ongoing operation".

The CCRB has been expanded over the past year, as criticism of the police force has grown.

Love how the author of that article felt the need to race bait when this case had nothing to do with race.

And Patrick Lynch is a douchebag.