Nytron to Conor at presser: "You've won one fight since Obama was president"

Is this the fag convention?


Porque duraste tanto en venir cabrona?

Oh yeah I remember him. Wasn’t he Canadian? Conor wins the rematch said he was in camp with Conor. Then someone posted a picture of him writing his love letter to Conor on Twitter.
Giggle Lol GIF by Almost Christmas Movie

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If you look at the follow up photos it’s clear he’s gay and takes BBC up the ass.

He was right!

Not wrong

No he isnt lmao. John Cena has done thousands of make a wishes and has given thousands of happy moments of to to sick children who’ll probably never have any chance at having a good life.

John Cena is awesome and all you politically obsessed dorks need to get over it

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To be fair the question is garbage, and the UFC should really get a better hold on who they allow to ask questions.

Conor’s won one fight since Obama was president because he’s barely fought since Obama was president.

I’d bet anything that faggot posts here.


Well said. Couldn’t agree more.

He’s done some awesome things. He’s really acting weird with that new language a lot more lately.

Bad comeback from mcgreggor

Losing his edge,

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Hea a pro wrestler. Has been one for the bulk of his life. If you’re expecting normalcy, then you’re looking in all the wrong places bubba.

Let’s be honest here folks, has any white man won a fight since Obama’s been in office?


Btw guys, I am wearing that same pink suit on fight night, so if you’re a Conor fan, feel free to come at me bro.

Settle down there fella. You’re normally a nice guy. Why you suddenly gonna beat the ug’s ass?!


Strangely, Jon Anik also selects the pink.

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Pink Suit = no can defend


Do you think they make a bicycle helmet big enough for John Xina’s head?