Nytron vs Passive Jay

Street fight, who wins and how?

PJ finds out how deep Nytron can take it

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The Simpsons Dancing GIF


kicking martial arts GIF

Passive Jay impales Nytron with a fart curtain rod


PJ via third hook


Passive Jay kills Nytron via curb stomp

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Jay by grifting his way to a W unless he gets roped into talking about our former president forever. Then all bets are off.

A fart alone would be more than enough

@Nytron steals his soul. While Nytron’s political trolling is insufferable he has good taste in women, sports teams, and tools. Those are manly thing that PJ doesn’t match.
Plus being a member of PETA he will come in with a chip on his shoulder and win the fight for the pussy,

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Not a fair fight. From what I can tell, nytron is like 5 different posters.

Passive Jay would win by inviting Nytron to sleep over, then leaving the back door open so that Nytron wanders out and gets taken by a predator bird



Being the PJay can’t run, he would have no choice but to fight…

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If Nytron was a cat though…

Spoiler: I’m the Jag


If Nytron lands a single punch… we are packing that Ho out.

Don’t touch the crews content donkey… you communist bag licker

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Nytron can’t win this. Passive Jay destroys

You spelled fag wrong

Passive Jay via having actual support.