O’Malley is transvictory

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He doesn’t identify as an individual having lost a fight so in order to treat his dysphoria we should all accommodate his trans-ness and treat him like he’s undefeated. That’s what he chooses to indentify as so we’d all be huge assholes even acknowledging his legitimate loss even if it most definitely happened. It’s on the rest us to keep his mental health in check 

O’Malley is 13-0 #brave #hero #tranrights

Legit LOL’d while lifting and dropped my weights reading it. Kudos to you sir… Well played and good day.

K bro… 

O'Malley and Zelenoff undefeated pride parade 2021?

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O'Malley and Zelenoff undefeated pride parade 2021?

No way. It would be Zelenoff’s parade with O’Malley as guest/sidekick. 

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His sensei Rickson said the loss doesn't count,  just like when he lost a Sambo competition