O’Malley vs Garbrandt

This fight should happen for Cody’s retirement

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RIP Cody


He’s going to retire


Sean only fights guys he knows he’ll beat so it’ll likely happen next.

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Sean O’Malley can go away tomorrow and no one will give a fuck.

I feel bad for the dude.

He’s had a rough 5 years. Beat Dom, was 25 in his prime.

Got KO’d against a cheating TJ twice in a row and has never regained the confidence.

That loss to Munhoz was the breaker. He went foolish and it plummeted his stock. Now he’s got no confidence and is dropping a class when he was just the king of the class he left.

I’d like to see him make another run at 135 before he gets too old.

He can turn his momentum around with a win over O’Malley and it’s a possible win for him too. O’Malley has looked good, he’s a big name and in reality, we don’t know how good he is yet.

Even CM Punk could be built up, remember?

Until he fights someone we can’t argue about, who is suga aside from a hype machine?