Oakland coffee shop will not serve cops anymore

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OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU) - Cops and coffee shops usually go hand in hand, but for at least one cafe, a uniformed cop is considered persona non java.


It all started when an Oakland police sergeant stopped by Hasta Muerte Coffee in the Fruitvale District to introduce himself and to buy a cup. But the sergeant was denied service.


According to a letter sent to the cafe by the Oakland police union, cafe staff told the sergeant that it "does not serve the police. Obviously, this is both a surprise and a matter of concern for all Oakland police officers."

It's a surprise to many residents as well. "I don't know what they got against them," said Roberto Lopez.


Another resident, who wished only to be identified as "T," agreed, saying, "I think it's cold blooded. I don't understand that."    


The cafe hasn't responded to the police union's letter sent two weeks ago requesting an explanation. Cafe managers declined to comment to KTVU.


But Oakland City Councilmember Noel Gallo, who represents the Fruitvale District, spoke to cafe managers Thursday and confirmed it's still the business' unwritten policy not to serve the men and women in blue.


"My understanding is they're not going to serve police officers," Gallo said.


"I don't agree with that, 100 percent," Gallo added. "I think we need to work together, not against each other."


The cafe opened several months ago at the corner of East 27th Street and Fruitvale Avenue. It isn't your typical coffee shop. Its name is Spanish for "until death."  


It's a worker-owned collective with a decidedly anti-establishment bent. A mural and utility box outside the cafe decriy fatal police shootings and law enforcement militarization.


In other words, it probably won't host the next "Coffee with a Cop," especially if it doesn't serve cops.

"I don't think it's fair - they should," said Mildred Jelks of Oakland. "They're protecting them. If somebody breaks in there, who are they gonna call? The police."


But Tenaya Gunter Brown, also an Oakland resident, disagreed.


"I think that if a group of people don't feel safe with a police officer currently on duty, coming into a space, they want people in this neighborhood to be able to feel safe, coming into their space. then that is a choice they should be able to make."


For now, uniformed officers with a caffeine fix will probably end up at the Starbucks or Peet's Coffee up the street.



Can't figure out how to embed the video. Sorry. 

Is would laugh if every employee pulling out of that parking lot starts getting ticketed and/or arrested for the most minor of infractions

Guess cops should stop serving them when theyre robbed. 

Fine,  don't serve them.  Just don't expect all the customers to agree with your policy,  and it may fuck with your profits.  

That's their right as African Americans.  





Clearly they never saw Sudden Impact.


"I gots to know."

Bob Ross - 

No problem with it, but you should also be able to deny service based on race, gender, religion etc.  

My first thought was, here comes the new virtue signal,,, refusing service to cops, white males, Trump supporters, etc... All of it with praise and encouragement from the puppets in left run media and entertainment.

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There have to be a few gay cops in Oakland. Send them in to the shop and then when they are refused service, sue them for not serving faggots. It works for cake shops. It should also work for coffee shops.

We need some enterprising Oaklander to go hold that place up...maybe smash a few espresso machines..then wait to see who the employees call for help. I'll betcha the police take a nice, leisurely route in order to respond.

I support their right to refuse service.  I support a Christians right not bake a cake for a gay wedding.  I would not support either of those businesses with my money though.  We don't have to agree with some to support freedom.

LOL at those reports of Whataburger and Taco Bell employees refusing to serve cops. It's one thing to do that when you run a small owner-operated shop. It's completely different to do it when you are an employee at a corporate franchise. No corporation wants that kind of PR mess. Those dumb mother-fuckers are going to get canned or lose their franchise.

Cops love to spam these places, harrass baristas, stare down and start trouble with customers, threaten arrests, etc...

I've seen it many times in Brooklyn.

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