Oatmeal tips

Hey guys I've been eating real oatmeal, not that flavored shit thats full of sugar.

Whats some healthy stuff I can add to the oatmeal to make it taste better? Besides fruit or splenda.

Thanks for the help.

Depends on what you like?

You could add anything from butter and a bit of milk and splenda to some coffee or cocoa or both.

I got an idea off of here for a quick snack and all you do is stir some dry oatmeal into some apple sauce.

Good stuff.

Oatmeal, wheatbran, nonfat plain yogurt, protein powder and or fruit.


I also like banana but you can add any fruit IMO.

Banana, nutmeg, stevia or flavor it with protein powder.

I once tried to make an otmeal shake with bananna & milk.

Disgusting stuff.

Juninho you are funny


after its been cooked, mix it with blueberrys and a vanilla protien powder. or any fruit bits.

Try some all natural HONEY or a little of Strawberry Jam for flavoring.

I mix 1 cup oatmeal with 1/4 cup dried cranberries (Craisins, whatever they're called). Thats it. Every few days i'll throw in a teaspoon of brown sugar so I don't bore myself to death.

That and a Met-rx shake = my dialy breakfast.

thanks guys!

I use a teaspoon of flax seed oil. very good for you. chopped peaches sometimes.

toast some walnuts and coconut...top with warm milk flavoured with vanilla extract.

Glad to see im not the only one that cant stand the taste of oatmeal. I seem to always end up nawing on it. lol

Honey and dried fruit works for me. Honey is a good sweetner to use as it contains Fructose instead of Sucrose or Glucose, therefore it breaks down more slowly

Peanut butter, right away so it melts. I eat this all the time.

Try adding some protein powder.

I just added a half of a sour apple. I cut it up into pieces and mixed it all together. With the apple, it was actually pretty good cause it cut out the taste of the oatmeal.

I usually add cinnamon, some raisins and either splenda or sugar-and-
calorie free Atkins maple syrup with a bit of milk. And I usually use
steel-cut oats.