Obake's fights in Jax April 10

The Inauguration will feature 10 bouts at the UNF arena in Jacksonville.
The arena holds 5000 spectators and is a great venue for a fight. The
card looks good right now however we are trying to make it better and
are looking for some additional fighters.

155 -160 experienced


195 at least 5 fights and winning record.

This is the first of four scheduled events and all winning fighters are
guranteed another fight.

The fight poster and ticket information are at obakemma.com

contact me at kendo@elvis.com

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Tim is lucky I am retired and moving to Australia, cause I would crush him like a grape.

the rev

what up kendo? we are leaving soon :)

sandman is there:D

Hey Rev, you are going to do great things and have a great time and
believe me not a day goes by that Tim doesnt thank his own personal
god that you are retired.

I am not completely sure on the ticket prices but try calling the gym at
904 448 0600.

Rick, Tim isnt fighting, he is the promoter for this one. I'm not sure
when he will fight again.

ticket prices are $20, $40, and $100 if I remember correctly.


That sounds right. I think it breaks down to General Admission,
Reserved and VIP.

good luck!



CobraKai let me know where your seats are if you go, I would like to get a chance to say hello.

Matt, are you helping promote this show?

Untied Dog,

I got to meet Obake when he came up to NYC to work the corner for a friend of mine (Jay Glazer) He also brought up Sumo Ray and Matt on seperate occasions. all very cool guys, had lots a fun and learned a lot just by hanging out with them.

just wanted to give Obake and his a guys a shout, since i'd lost touch with them, and wish him good luck with his show.


Thanks Christian, I still havent met Jay yet but he has been a very good friend to Tim. I will definitely pass the word along to Tim and the boys, and hopefully I will be able to make it up on one of the next NY trips.

Untied Dog: Are Matt Rogers or Big Tony fighting out of Obake's camp?

The card isnt finalized until it is sent to the boxing commision, but I think Matt will be fighting.

Matt, Ray and Mark are fighting. Also Will is fighting. Check the website obakemma.com

im supposed to be fighting
ANgelo Sandman Franco

see ya there seth