Obake's fights in Jax April 10

It will be good to get to meet you Seth. Your fight went pretty much
like Obake said it was going to, right up to the nerve thing. Sounds
like you were extremely close to knocking him completely out.
It should be fun to compare notes on Tokyo too.


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TTT for the show. Good to see Obake putting them on again.

That's right Mike you fought on the New Years knockout fight in ATL in 98/99. I seem to remember you took the fight on a days notice or less and you had limited edition Calvin Klien fight shorts. I had almost forgotten about that.

United dog : will do man. I might be going for the vip section if I can afford it. Probably buy the tickets monday night unless they are almost sold out of vip.

Tanner: What's up bro? Jesus it's been years it seems like. I'm actually starting to try and train up at obakes. me and my friend have been going up there recently he joined and I'm waiting on some cash to come in before joining. but yeah I'm putting up posters for obake and trying to get the word out. You going? It'd be cool to see you again. e-mail me at CobraKaiMMA@yahoo.com or leave me a way to get in touch with you. We got alot of catching up to do.

Untied Dog, LOL thats right. Im sure weve met, whats your name? Did you work at Obakes old gym? Id still love to get that video if you have any info on how. Ill be up there next week with our guys Mikey and Luigi from marcio Simas'.

Yeah I managed the facility along with Joey. My name is Kenn, I went out to the King of the cage with you guys when you fought Thomas Denny and Obake fought Beneteau.

See ya next weekend.

Yeah man see you then. Do you guys have the full card yet?

ttt for full card


I will try to get the full card up later Monday. Sorry for the delay guys.



I was sent this poster and laughed when I saw I was on it because I knew nothing of the event. Obake is a cool dude so it's all good. I called him and talked to him about getting some of my fighters on future shows.

who are you

His name is Channel Sonnel I believe. Sorry if the spelling is off. He fights with Team Quest.

wassap E. I rolled w that blue blet from sheilies last night. he was pretty good. about the best from their school so far. says he has only trained for 10 months. He was pretty strong probably had about 30lbs on muscle on me but he had good techniqe also.

he kept quitting when i got him in a bad position. the first time i was working a neck crank from 69 position and he asked if there was a time limit? I was like no. SCRAP TILL YOU TAP! he gave up shortly after before I could really sink in the sub. I hate when people do that I kinda takes the reward out of folling for about 7 or 8 mins when a guy just gives up. Then we went on a war for about 15 mins i know this guys is in good shape. he looks like george on roids. so i get the mount he gets out we scrable. he ends up turtled, then he quits again!!

What I thought he was better than that. I don't think he would have rolled with me if it was like that. Blue was stronger than I thought. LOL. George said that he carried a dude out like mil. press out of the club. I'm going for more armbars like I did on Blue. I'm still getting over being sick from last night. I will be there Wed. I still owe you a ass-whipping on K-1.

I cannot be defeated!!

Just wait and see I got something for you!!!!!!!