Obama bothered trump still around

Contextually hes hinting at socialism: “ President Barack Obama admitted that our democracy isn’t something that we should just assume will always be there.

“My hope is that the tides will turn,” Obama said of our current political moment. “But that does require each of us to understand that this experiment in democracy is not self-executing. It doesn’t happen just automatically.””

Go away barry

I voted for him twice, and now he makes skin crawl.


And this is right after he repeated the Trump “Fine people hoax,” which is supposedly the reason why Biden ran for president.

These people won’t stop lying.


He was president and didn’t know that we don’t live in a democracy…? News flash asshole, we never had a democracy!


An experiment. Thats how he views us.


To be honest that’s also how he views Michael… er… Michelle!


But but but the the dangers of disinformation they say.

Fuck that fraudulent dork and his cunt wife back to Martha’s Vinyard

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An uneducated affirmative action imbecile.

Not that trump is smarter, but the truth must be said.

The elite are so filled with self importance that they claim USA was created by and allowed to exist by them rather than to spite them.


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Be careful, they “offed” Joan Rivers because of this. Hahaha

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