Obama deception Vid

Sorry if its been posted already.

I watched this documentary not too long ago, it's a very good peice by Alex Jones

did the video get deleted or what?


nothing's working or what?

the vid works fine

ttt- everyone should see this and visit infowars.com ... he out there but once you get pass his "passion" he brings up alot of good points and new information

ok, it's working now - a real eye opener..... it goes passed the left vs right BS, and gets to who's really behind Obama, Bush, and the Clintons....wow


theirs a new zeitgeist movement vid too.. I'll post the link when I get home


I didn't really like zeitgeist.... I don't think you're going to get anywhere with "exposing" peoples religion..... just doesn't seem to work through out history, the belivers became MORE of believers...

Stick with what you can prove, that's hard enough to get people to believe...