Obama Doing His Part On Global Warming



To speed it up.  

Al Gore probably sent him some carbon credits for Christmas.


Michelle, 53, showed off her world renowned physique (The fuck??) in a pair of white shorts and a black tank top. She let her usually coiffed hair fall wildly at her shoulders, elegantly slinging a brown handbag over one arm as she posed with her husband. 

The former president was equally laid back in his attire. He sported a pale blue shirt and some beige pants, adding a pair of sunglasses to his off-duty look.

Oprah stood out in a bright yellow day dress. The stunning results of her recent weight loss were on full display as she stood side on snapping photographs of her famous friends.



Thanks OG....I feel like a faggot for having just read that puke.

disbeliever - Staight fuckin baller son


I have no problem with the guy taking a couple of minutes to breathe.

I thought he was a disaster for the nation, but dude was President of the United States for 8 years.

I don't begrudge him taking some time to live it up while he still can.

Can't believe you turn it into this. That yacht is sick

Not his boat. Presidents salary can't afford that.

Why are people upset that he and other celebrities were invited to have a fun weekend on some richer dudes boat?

lol, so fucking triggered.

If there are kids aboard, that would explain Joe Biden's snub.

I love big yachts.


Just pointing out abject hypocrisy.



^ Spot on Ned.


TravenBJJ - 

do as I say, not as I do.  Classic liberal mindset

was just coming to say this

Isaac298 - lol, so fucking triggered.

U mad bro?

Oprah is fucking large.

Honestly anyone think they can go 5 rounds with that?

Id rather fight Stedman.

And lol at world famous physique or however the fuck else they typed that. Yea ok

That boat is dope

there should be no problem with a former president relaxing and living it up. 

it is annoying when someone tells people to reduce their carbon footprint while using more fossil fuels in a weekend than most will use in their entire life. 

Lauding public schools while sending your children to private schools

questioning the morals of someone who is not in favor of open borders while living in a fenced and gated home with private security

that is not aimed at the president directly, it seems it is very common among some groups

I guess "world renowned physique" doesn't mean "universally aesthetically pleasing"



Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Tiresias - I bet they have $65,000 worthof hot dogs for each passenger!

Dude, they need that just for Oprah...