Obama Nobel Winner? WTF?!

Ok, how did he win this one? Was the crop of nominees so small that they just picked someone that speaks well? Seriously, how did he further peace worldwide. He may have talked to some foreigners, but has not accomplished anything. Has he reduced the military? Has he reduced the military in other nations? Has he brought peace to a volatile location? I don't think so.


might i just say, FUCK PEACE.


“I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.”

It's one thing it's been accomplished. I think it's theroretical that he WANTS to do it. It's like I WANT to discover a cure for AIDS or Cancer. Should I get the Nobel too?

The guy has been in office for 9 months. All he has done is bail out banks and car companies. What about local plate lunch places that closed? They need bail out too?

I think just as the UN, Nobel laureates have become a joke. Yasser Afafat, Al Gore and JIMMY "The biggest hypocrite pussy alive" CARTER as past winners? It's become a comedy.

wbs, i think you meant to say "theatrical" iso "theroretical"

FCTV . . . you are too funny. Both I guess.

just wait if this OBAMANATION gets a second term and hols the house and senate......GAMEMUTHAFUKINOVA!

guys....isnt it obvious that we are all being FUCKED?

watch these 2 movies:


armlok - just wait if this OBAMANATION gets a second term and hols the house and senate......GAMEMUTHAFUKINOVA!

bahahaha, I don't see how he could do worse than GW did in his second term...I mean it'd take a concerted effort on his part to fuck up.

why all the haTE?? Damn, u guys must be republicans!

got nothing to do with being rep, dem, conservative or liberal. most people don't even understand what the fukin terms really mean, they just buy into partisan politics.obama is SHIT! and just plain SHIT! for this nation.

and Bush wasn't?

Bush fuked some shit up yes, but Obama is a fukup in every area and issue imo.

FP/FR= SHIT.....fukin twit clinton LMAO, and russians, iran, NoKs, chavez are laughing at us.

Economy= SHIT.....and more future fail.

Policies/legislation and Admin= SHIT....look at the fuckatards he surrounds himself with and the policies and belief structures they have.

fuk at this rate would be better to have braddah duke and aaaarnald running the country :P

Bush did not let anyone push around America. He did not bow to other leaders. He did not triple our national debt in bail out plans. I could go on and on. Bush sucked at public speaking. I give you that, but if you look back when he took office and our economy sucked back then, remember his stimulus policy. He gave everyone $300. We all spent it and it surged the economy back and we had the longest construction boom in a while. Small money compared to buying companies that do not know how to manage their money.

Capitalism means that if you are a smart business man, you can become rich. It also means that if you are an idiot with your business, you should fail. In Obama's world, when you become rich, the government should take your money and give it to retards that cannot make money themselves or do not have the drive or work ethic to work hard.

Getting off of soap box. Starting deep breathing exercises in brown paper bag.

MMMMM, MMMMMM, MMMMM Barrack Huessin Obama. All together now. MMMM, MMMMM, MMMM Barrack Huessin Obama. Baaaaaaaaaaaaa

First off let me state that i am 50% Democrate, 50% Republican, 50% Independant......yes my math is correct. lmao

But i think 99.99% of all of us on here no "0" about what's really going on on capitol hill. Because everyone gets there information from biased sources, and unless you are a Political Sci major who is currently working in the office WE ALL don't know shit.

Here's more thoughts on this:

i for one am happy he got the award. For the simple fact that he represents the US. The better the perception of our country the better it is for us (period).

Listen, the Liberals elected Obama imo by making Palin their VP choice. And don't get me started on that clusterfuk. Fuck her....no seriously, will someone go fuk her and release the vid?! lmao

Back to Obama: Everyone who is bitching about him winning this award better think twice about their Patriotism imo. Would you be happier if some foreigner won it? Seriously, what he did to earn it is beside the fact. "OUR" President won it! Did he deserve it? i don't fukkin know, but obviously enough people who know more than us did.

PS. Ann Coultier is backing Palin for the next election. Someone needs to muzzle those bishes Fo'Serious!

backing our president's winning of an award has nothing to do with one's patriotism....especially that fukin goatfuk award and under the circumstances he won it. if such were the case then we as citizens MUST support all actions of our elected officials or we'd be unpatriotic??? WTF?

I'd willingly give my life for my country and way of life and hope that if such needs to be done then let it happen soon so I can be the one to sacrifice rather than my children. I know people who have served their country way more than I did by fighting and bleeding and feel the same. Their patriotism IS BEYOND QUESTION.