Obi-Wan Kenobi mini series thread

This last episode was like if Amber’s Turd decided to make a SW movie.


Except Star Wars isnt real life

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And now in 2022 its for the tweens and teens of this generation, and old fans are just that

Disney Star Wars is not canon. It’s bad fan fiction with a SJW twist.


Yeah, the Jedi are basically political pawns.

Like Brittney Griner.

Back to Kotor

I just annihilated three Sith looking to collect on a bounty - force lightning deaths for all!!!

Whuuhahhahahhaha! It’s so fun to be an evil dickhead!


They gave Reva a fucking last name now?

Moses Ingram
Reva Sevander

Reva Seva…nder

Kenobi writers…

Audience score should be in the 50’s


Not Rebels and Clone Wars…

I dunno

Obi-Wan is the holy grail of targets, one of the last remaining legit Jedi masters (arguably THE last one, based on what they know). The rebels are just a bunch of untrained neophytes who might have some force ability. I think the Inquisitors would be far more interested in whacking Pablo Escobar or El Chapo than rounding up a bunch of low-level street dealers.


After you finish the second, there is a book that rounds up the story. It’s on the Kindle app.


Why didn’t they send a few tie fighters to follow the ship with the princess in it?

I got into a conversation with a coworker about it. If you have a floating navy cruise / war ship out there with what feels like unlimited personal on standby, why not chase both targets?

He replied with the notion that Dark Vader was so set on catching Obiwan, the other targets weren’t a priority.

Dark Vader is a micro manager bros. I think in today’s corporate world, those people call themselves Visionaries.

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I did my best to hold on to hope, just focus on the cool stuff.

Didn’t work… just truly terrible writing and the actress playing Reva is truly awful. Leia was too over the top and luke was an idiot pussy (well, they got it right by accident).

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I didn’t see the cartoons but I should clarify that all Kennedy controlled projects are fan fiction.


Fucking Thing Sucks GIFs | Tenor

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Clone wars is worth watching. Get past the stupid droid voices at the beginning, and it turns into a good show.

There’s another one as well. Forgot its name, but it’s about a ragtag bunch of elite clones, they have a few appearances in the clone wars, this is a spin-off / follow up show.

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Boith better than disney SW live action.

Nah I’ve not watched that. It’s like the Expendables but with clones

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