Obi-Wan Kenobi mini series thread

nice, hoepefully they delete the inquisitors from the cut lol. cringefest

Well, I watched this and I have to say, it was decent as far as production level.

The plot was sorta convoluted though it terms of why things were happening and it just seemed like they wanted to jam this series in and hope to connect some of it to larger films.

That black chick was a terrible actress though and in no way was she able to make me believe anything her character did.

So much kinda slid through the cracks on this and made what could have been fun into meh.


I think removing Reva would have made the series substantially better in my eyes.


Or just casting a better actress and giving her better material to work with. The plot device of a Youngling turning Sith and hunting Jedi isn’t bad.


Yeah that’s true. It’s not a bad premise but was poorly executed. Her turning was the easiest betrayal I’ve ever seen on television.

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She is a horrible actress. She was picked for a character that didn’t exist and was specifically created shoe horned in by Kennedy.
3 action figures right out of the gate (that literally nobody bought).

As long as KK is involved in SW this is what we will get.

A decent actress could have done something with the role and writing, but they apparently only had a couple requirements to get the role and talant wasn’t one of them.


Lazy terrible writing that was then altered to appeal to a tiny demographic that doesn’t even watch this stuff.

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I’m sure you have a legit source for that, since the screenwriter for the series and the originally planned Obi-Wan movie said he created her and she was always part of the story.

She’s been good in everything else she’s been in. Most actors, even good ones, seem to suck in Star Wars. But sure Coen brothers are going to cast someone who isn’t even a “decent actress” in their Oscar-bait Macbeth movie.

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Screen name checks out

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Dude. We are about the same age so I’m guessing you’re an original trilogy fan

The whole idea is that darth Vader see’s ovi wan for the 1st time since they fought and ovi beat him but the Jedi lost

The last time they met he was a learner but now darth is a master

If they met in between that time the whole premise of a new hope doesn’t make sense

And the princess and ovi wan not knowing each other makes zero sense


We are probably the same age which is why we should go drinking together sometime.

But I digress.


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I waant impressed by the series but just recently watched the “Patterson cut”. It is a fan edit of the series into a 2+ hr movie. He cut out all of the stupid stuff and left the good stuff. I was amazed at how good it was. The cut turned a mediocre series into a great movie.

If you haven’t watched this series yet…dont. Goog Le the Patterson cut and watch that instead.


No one wants your facts here.
Any day Kennedy is getting fired. The internets known this for a decade. Any day now …

Darth Vader Vs Obi-Wan in New Hope makes sense just fine. Obi-Wan beat his ass down and left him the dirt. He proved he was still the best.
In A New Hope Darth declares he’s now finally better and will win this time.

The Leia/Obi-Wan relationship with explanation was ridiculous though.

Friday GIF

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Obi Wan with the ultimate troll. Just when Vader thinks he is finally better, Obi disappears into the Force forever. lol


It’s time to start an Andor thread