Obscure and funny racial/ethnic slurs/epithets

My buddy did a couple tours in Iraq and would always call anyone that looked remotely middle eastern “Hadji”.

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are we related ?? Lol

I feel like once that generation reached a certain age they morphed into mixture of Andrew dice clay and Archie bunker in public.

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My step grandfather had a number of them he would blurt out when I was a kid. He was a total asshole regardless. Did some time and hated blacks.

Spear Chucker
Brillo Head
Reggin - spell it backwards
Porch Monkey


When my cousin and I were probably 6-7 years old max we went on a train trip with my mother and my aunt. There was a black lady holding a very young baby and my cousin walked up to her and in all seriousness said “Awwww, look at the baby monkeeeey”.
He actually thought it was a monkey. Thankfully at this time everyone just laughed and went on their way. I shudder to think how that would go down now.


Back in the ‘60s the Green Lantern comic book character had an Asian sidekick called Pie Face. I shit you not. My, how things have changed!

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Somewhat on topic, but not totally. My good friend is originally from Nicaragua, he said comparing people to animals is an insult. One of his relatives married a guy who is kind of an all around shitheel. The old mother in law calls him “animal con ropa”, animal in man’s clothes. She said he only wears shoes so he doesn’t have to paint his hooves or something like that.

edit, confirmation:

"She’s constantly calling him that, it all started because she was yelling at her telling her she married an animal in man’s clothing and to never ask for her help again.

It’s pretty common in Spanish speaking countries to insult people by comparing them to animals. Calling someone a beast isn’t a good thing in Spanish. It was her detail and nuance that was very Nicaraguan.

She was basically saying the only reason he doesn’t paint his hooves is because he’s forced to wear shoes or something along those lines".

We call him “ACR”, my friend updates me on his latest hijinks. He had a hilarious recent one.


Ring and Run
Ding Dong Ditch
N_____ Knocking


When I was in high school we had a Nigerian kid fresh off the boat start going to school with us. Mind you my high school was a relatively small school in rural Indiana.

Our PE coach (who was and is a great guy) had my buddy Travis and I help the Nigerian kid during a unit on archery where we got to target shoot recurve bows. This poor kid just couldn’t figure out how to use the bow no matter how many times we showed him, his arrow would just stay in his bow hand when he released the string. Finally our coach comes over and sees this kid struggling and says without a hint of malice or even a snicker “Don’t worry Ugo, we’ll get you a spear to use next time.”

I thought I was going to piss myself.


Further research indicates the character still exists but is now just known by his name and not the nickname from the ‘60s. He’s also an Inuit, rather than straight up Asian. When I read the comics and watched the cartoons as a child the details were lost on me, and I never really followed that character into my teen years and beyond. I did see the movie with Ryan Reynolds and some version of that character was in it, but I didn’t pick up on that either.

Have heard of those of Czech decent referred to as square heads.

the only time i have heard porch monkey or yard ape was in reference to kids.



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In this area too. Even the black kids called it that.

I refer to anyone who looks Chinese as “CCP.” I say that to my wife - she Chinese.