Obscure Anime I love and hope the OG would enjoy too

Just finished it. It was very good.

Jujutsu kaisen 0 coming out on crunch in a couple days. MY BODY IS READY

Not big on anime but started cyberpunk because the game was awesome and its not too bad a couple episodes in.

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Jujutsu kaisen 0 is a great movie if you like the show. Much better than the Demon slayer movie

the demon slayer movie sucked ass

I have not read demon slayer yet but I seen MeatCanyon’s parody of the show and it has my interest.

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That’s hilarious.

Dorohedoro was so fucken good I’m glad someone recommended it. I’m pretty pumped for the new season of bleach to come out even though I couldn’t get into the old ones. I want to start a new show now and can’t really decide which to watch between

Death Note
Gurren Lagen
Fist of the North Star
Full metal Althemist: Brotherhood

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All good choices. I’d go with FMA:brotherhood, definitely one of the best shonen stories and it’s a very good adaptation.

Though if you want something completely off the walls to follow up Dorohedoro, then you can’t go wrong with Gurren Lagann and it’s the shortest of the series you posted.

I have a hard time watching anime that isn’t MA rated these days and the new bleach is one of them.

You should definitely check out Chainsaw Man, episode 1 just aired today. If the adaptation holds up I think it’ll be the best anime this year for sure. There will be plenty of gore and lots of tragedy.


So I saw that earlier when browsing and figured it was stupid. I’ll check it out thx.

Did the manga start back up yet?

Yessir, releases on Tuesdays on mangaplus. Though it’s somewhat biweekly. He’s making his own schedule but that means we get huge chapters every now and again. But it’s been great so far.

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Brotherhood i couldnt stand. Outright hated it. The original series i loved and was so let down by brotherhood. It was upsetting.

Gonna check it out. Fuckin loved part 1


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i put it on this morning but it’s subbed and i have mad adhd so i cant watch it until it’s dubbed. god damn internet breaking my brain.

Dub is best. Fuck the subhumans.

Me and my sons are watching Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, and Attack on Titan. All pretty solid.

Chainsaw Man looks great too!