Obscure Anime I love and hope the OG would enjoy too

Just watched Street Fighter Alpha last night. It was good but the animated mortal Kombat is more my speed.

Fatal fury I would check out though.

Hated fatal fury 1. 2 and the movie were both great though

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Shigurui/Death Frenzy - Fujiki Gennosuke vs Irako Seigen - YouTube

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GANGSTA. - Official Clip - The Deaf Swordsman - YouTube

Yes I did for years. It was around 2002 - 2007 or so. A lot of fun, just a bunch of misfits who got rich selling $30 DVDs, lol. I may have told you before that prior to working for them, I was visiting a buddy who worked there and got to “die” on the Berserk series during the dubbing process.
Oddly, the best series we ever sold was Invader Zim.
The Kitty stuff was just too weird for my taste, and I actually enjoyed the Overfiend series. We would work cons and the fans would ask us for the strangest specific stuff.

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I was in the barracks waiting for you fuckers to get that shit out to us all lol. All started with my barracksmate asking to use my dreamcast to play this cool game where the dude was too mad to die. Lol


Couldn’t find a YT clip that wasn’t some idiot speaking over a scene but Mutsu Enmei Ryuu Gaiden: Shura no Toki is a great action/fighting anime form the early 2000’s.

Cool thread.

Elitist disclaimer: I live in Japan and studied Japanese for 20+ years so I can watch anime unsubbed.

90s anime is the peak of the artform to me, though some 80s stuff fits in there. It works out perfectly because I have a huge collection of anime on laserdiscs from 1985-2001. The packaging and tons of extras on these are immaculate and beautiful, and if you get the equipment right, it doesn’t look much different from streaming or blu-rays.

Anyway, hoping to find some new shows/movies to try and recommend some as well.

One of my favorites is the 6-episode OVA Golden Boy if you haven’t seen it. It’s smart, has some of the best visual humor I’ve seen, sexy, and constantly surprises.


Rip Daisuke Gori

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yeah i was just trying to fuck with people.

couldve been better. i got all the way through it though.

is the main dudes voice actor the guy that did yusuke from yuyu hakasho?