Observation: black people and airplanes

Have noticed something in recent years… A large percentage of black people bring blankets on airplanes… It’s infuriating when sitting next to someone with a blanket. Last flight had someone with a blanket and they couldn’t keep it off me. I moved it 20-30 times.


Also, neck pillows…

i ahvent noticed it being exclusive to black people

but many people, specifically Females, get in this “I’m on vacation and I’m going to wear pajama pants/hoodie and let everyone in the airport know that I’m going to pass out on the plane by walking around with my neck pillow on” Mode


I wouldn’t know. I’ve only flied 1st class.


They payed for a ticket so the plane is theirs.


I fucking hate flying.

That is all.


Fully agree


Private planes only?

Ya totally.

(Lies to cover up the fact he’s poor and has only walked through first class and gets sad at the size of their seats)

This. Commercial is for UG losers.

You don’t fly your own plane? Fucking newb

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Ya, I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me. All my friends are doing it.

When you get on a plane, you should act as if you’re on the bus to Parris Island.

Sit the fuck down. Shut the fuck up. Do what you’re told.

It’s not your plane. Paying 200 bucks doesn’t mean jack shit. Can you fly the plane? No? Then shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down quietly.


I agree with this… but I expect booze.


Trailer Park Boys Drink GIF


The fuck do you wear? A suit and tie?

If I’m gonna be on a airplane all day I’m gonna try and be as comfortable as possible. Sweat suit all the way.

The problem is they act out like this no matter where they are. They don’t care about other people, only about their own needs. Movie theaters, sports arenas, shopping malls, restaurants and airplanes. It’s all about their inability to act like normal human beings.

I see an upcoming thread titled “If you dont fly first class or own your private jet, you are a failure”

I used to fly every week. Never noticed any worse behavior from any ethnicity. Entitlement transcends color I guess.

If you fly every week you likely fly a major airline. Give a discount airline like Spirit, Southwest or Frontier a try if you want to experience this first hand.