Observation Tito vs Chuck fight

I believe Rickson said bjj in vale tudo is fought in two distances, in closed guard with upper body control OR controlling your opponent with both feet on their hips when your opponent is standing up.

Every time Tito was dropped it took Tito a few secs (and blows by Lidell) to regain guard and find his distance. I think that was his main mistake and Chuck successfully took advantage of his lacking guard recovery skills.

Come on, you know Rickson (and me) is right...

Tito had no guard. He looked clueless on his back. Very disappointing.

i agree that his hip movement is not the best.

His guard didn't look that good at all........

he wasn't trying to get guard. he was ttrying to get his legs between chuck and himself in the butscoot position. seemed like it was working to me- tito didn't actually go out, and that stoppage was premature, imo. not that he was going to win anyways, but still.

Now for the most part Tito and LeBan are great all around fighters But they both struggled on their back and it cost them the fight.Im not an elite grappler and no doubt my guard game is my weakest point.There are some fighters and grapplers who just dont expect to ever be on their back.LeBan said in the pre fight that his plan was to dominate every second of the fight which is good But once MacDonald got on top LeBan was in trouble.Tito knew enough to pull guard but wasnt effective with it.Guess its a tough sport cause u have to be able to be ggreat in all positions

I thought I was gonna get flamed since Tito could beat all our asses (and used a Rickson ref) but I guess I was on to something. Wrestlers need a good guard too, not only top position.

"tito didn't actually go out, and that stoppage was premature"

Holy cow now thats funny! I guess you'd just rather see Tito be killed

a lot of wrestlers dont ever think they will be on bottem but if they get there they are often in big trouble