Obvious opponent for Tito retirement match




i would watch that fight for sure.

Id have to take Tito via TKO 2nd ROund

Lmao I met him at las Vegas airport seemed so out of it he even sed sorry guys I had a rough night but it is one match Tito might possible win Phone Post

 Rich Franklin should be Tito's last fight ever


Ttt for the antidote vs the people's champ Phone Post

Jack Skellington -  Rich Franklin should be Tito's last fight ever

I had this thought as well

as long as its a retirement fight for both guys

Only if it's at HW, Mark trying to move down to LHW at his age was a bone headed move, likely prompted by Dana "Everyone would be better a weight class down" white.

I see no reason to have Tito KOed or submitted in his goodbye match. Why have him go out looking bad? Give him someone who isn't ranked top ten IMO.

Coleman looks like death in that first picture, my God.

I thought that was a better ic of his old man physique Phone Post

Pic* Phone Post

 Franklin ruins careers as the final opponent. Tito would be stretched out of there.

Coleman ruins lives.

Tommyunited - Ttt for the antidote vs the people's champ Phone Post

This!!! Phone Post

Giving him Coleman is disrespectful. Give him a young guy.

 ^Jacob is no spring chicken himself.

I think its an honor to be given the PRIMORDIAL UFC HW champ when he never was brave enough to take a crack at that division himself.

Many greater legends than Tito have ended their careers badly.

I say throw him to the wolves.

Franklin has been in limbo.. so why not.