OC in Hawaii

My friend from Hawaii told me that there is a huge crime family that controls all the vice in Hawaii. They are called the Josephs(?) and Perrys. Is this true? He also told me that a police chief used to be the kingpin of all of drug deals in the hawaii island. fill me up on some details hawaii peopls!

correction koyoku, perrys do not control longshore union.
one of the perrys use to be a stevedore/longshore back in the day and use to sit on executive board, but our union is controlled by a elected board of longshoremen. FACT ! both hayan and myself currently sit on the executive board, and it all legit.

jus clarifying:)

 mmm hmm.

why you wanna know? Curiosity killed the cat you know.

Literally ^^

What about the other three families?

Well for starters K-Team runs the Windward side. They got a mini Wanderlei whose their muscle. Mil-Town is operated by this Triad whose referred to as Don Mad Tiger.

A wise triad once told me.. "curiousity killed the cat..but satisfaction brought him back"...Osss

Dirty Curty runs the garage gyms on this island.

you want to jog Keeamoku in your MMA gloves, you better clear it with him 1st!!

Why, did someone take over since Black?