Occult Techniques

Praying is a technique of drawing something into your life. Modern day occultists also draw things into their life, though the techniques used, and beliefs of where they are drawing from varies.

Some believe in a universal power that grants desires freely, while others believe in a deity,  that grants them their desires in exchange for something in return.

No matter a persons belief, all are attempting to change circumstances in their life to their advantage.

More advanced occultists can cast spells of damnation on other individuals, and have advanced their abilities to be able to not only effect their own life, but the lives of others as well.

In this thread, I will cover how I can do this, and how anyone can also do this.


First and foremost, a practitioner must become good at mental discipline, controlling your thoughts. As a great occultist once said, "As a man thinketh, so a man is"

If your mind is easily distracted by outside circumstances,  or an inability to keep concentrated on a singular thought for long periods of time, you will never be succesful at drawing what you want.

You will be doing more damage to your life, than benefit, and should not try such knowledge.



A foremost required tool, to gain access to your own abilities.

Good meditation requires a good ritual.

I have an altar hidden in my house, where I meditate, and a cleansing ritual I perform before I meditate.

Any individual who desires to be good at something, has to have a good ritual in order to be succesful.

When I wanted to become good at hitting a speed bag, I had to find a person who had mastered that technique, I had to listen good and do as he said, then I developed my routine, from wrapping my hands to mentalling focusing on the speed bag and what I wanted to accomplish. While blocking everything else, out of my mental focus.

Now a days, I can hit a speed bag as good as anyone else.

Mental discipline, was the key for me, that took me from looking like the idiot in the gym trying to hit the bag to one who others ask for instruction on how to hit the bag.

Next addition, I will talk about cleansing rituals.