Oct 22 Pankration Tournament

Full Bred Pankration Championships
October 22, 2006

Santa Ana High School (Not the college)
520 W Walnut St. Santa Ana, CA 92701

So Cal Pankration will run this event.

We will have divisions for kids, teens and adults.
Plus, we are starting a Women's division. Ladies, let me know your weight if you plan on competing so I can advise others that may want to come in from long distances.

The ISWA will be back with a special 4 way Team Submission Wrestling dual, and we have something special planned for our Pankration finalist's.

Registration fee's are $40 if you pre-pay/register by October 17th. Otherwise it's $50.

If you only had one match at the Aug. WAMAI games we will offer you a special deal of $30 registration but you must pre-register, I have the brackets and will know how many matches you had, this excludes guys who left on their own after losing their first match.

Spectators: $8 Adults & $5 for kids

Registration forms are up on our web site.

Vender booths available at $100 per table.




TTT. Jfrank, what do you guys usually do for advertising of your events?

Your looking at it!!

We also mail flyers to approx. 100 MMA style Schools in the California, Nevada & Arizona area.


Send out e-mail's to our e-mail group and put the info on our web site www.fightleague.org

With that said, the bulk of our competitors come from a core group of academy's. So i guess it's either word of mouth or they have more progressive coaches.

Last tournament had around 200 fighters.

That's great. I'm a big fan of your competitions, having watched a ton of your posted fight vids. I'd love to see them in the Chicago area ( I think I mentioned this before, perhaps we'll talk about that sometime). I asked because I thought of a great way to get awareness up and help the growth of your tournaments. I'll e-mail you or call you this week if you'd like. Your info is on your site, correct?

All the info should be on www.fightleague.org or www.myspace.com/socalpankration




We will be there!


up up and away