Oct 3rd MMA/San Shou/Muay Thai/Kickboxing

on October 3rd in the sleepy little town of Bridgeport, Alabama a unique martial arts event will take place. Border Brawls will include amateur mma rules, san shou, muay thai and kickboxing!!! We are currently looking for fighters, it is located in North Alabama, 30 miles from Chattanooga,Tn. We have several mma guys but are looking for more kickboxers and san shou guys. Plus a 125pd MMA Title up for grabs! Call or text 423-488-3317

Bridgeport? That is an interesting venue for an event. If I was not fat, old, and scared to get punched or kicked in the head I would be all up for the San Shou.

I have lots of kickboxers. You guys pay travel?

Yes we do pay travel, call or text me.

I will call you next week. Have an event I am working on for this weekend.

Not going to be able to come. We have a boxing event then. Good luck with the event.