Hey everyone! i put the octagon on EBAY. Starting bid is at $1600. This is a complete cage with all hardwear, mats, pads, and coated fence. Check it out!


Post a URL and I'll link it for you. What's the starting bid and what state are you in?

Damn that price is going to go up fast. Start the bidding wars boys, cuz this is a NICE cage! - VJ

Scratch the starting bid question.


Cage for Sale

Ms. queenwormness, is there any way that you can be contacted directly?

Ooo im so excited to sell this cage!

My personal email is sabrina_mccormick@hotmail.com

I am in Iowa. It really is a nice cage. it's raised off the ground by 2 feet as well. And I believe the mat is from RINGSIDE, so it's not like a wrestling mat or anything. It's awesome and the fighters love it.

let me know of any more questions. I'll check on it tomorrow. I'll be out all night.


And we're off! I started the bidding. Let's see how much it goes for. I'd like to win this thing.

Why are you seliing it?Are you getting a new one?I heard the events in DM were supposedly doing well

It was probably her boyfriends and she got it in a court settlement.


actually yeah, it was from my X but he doesn't know it yet. One of those things that he asked for, had someone else pay for with the promise to pay them back and never did. So i have it again, and now im selling it. Perhaps Mr. Mason himself would like to bid on it. Only if he's not still tramatized from his ARMY RANGER flash backs.

But anyway, we do have a boxing ring that we use for FIGHT CLUB and for the last POINT OF IMPACT. I like it for the amateur reason. They have a chance to bail and stood back up. I love the stand up game. But that also leads to awesome take downs, which we all love.

Thanks for the support on this guys. dad's out measuring it right now. b back with that.


TTT. This is a very nice cage guys! And starting at $1600.00 this is a STEAL!!!!!!!! Damn, Worm- I should buy it for myself.....

1600? Just made a bid for $3000 on it and it was already Outbid.

Joe M

do you have dimensions yet?


The poles are 10 ft tall. The cage stands 2' off the ground, then the 8' walls. each side is 8' wide. The ring is 18' across.

I wish someone had instructions on how to make your own.