Octagon changes in the works

News Url :: http://mmajunkie.com/2014/08/following-fighter-complaints-ufc-president-dana-white-says-octagon-canvas-changes-in-the-works/ Phone Post 3.0

so it sounds like there are no octogan changes just a change of the chemicals used on them.

I think they spray so all the logos aren't slick.

Boxing can pour Coca Cola and not have the issue but Coca Cola mats with a ground game won't be fun.

Only way is if the logos are under the canvas or in the making of the canvas rather than current logos.

Or else you are constantly fighting to not have a slick surface or a tacky one. Phone Post 3.0

dhughes - "The sandy stuff is that spray that we spray on there that makes it sticky," White said. "It does, it gets all sandy. It just happened to all the girls on 'The Ultimate Fighter.'"

Something about this made me lol.
"Sandy clitty litter gets all of the Ultimate Fighter girls sticky. This season is going to be soooooooooooooo NSFW!"

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Where is SANDYPANTIES when u need em, to comment on this.


You could super impose the logos like they do with the first down marker in football Phone Post 3.0