Octagon control not factor

I think it was boring fight but octagon control was there of all things. Shitty fight all around though. Phone Post

Wait How can two exciting fighters like Diaz and condit make a boring fight????

Are we slowly learning yet?

Diaz didn't control an inch of the octagon. He certainly tried to.

Condit should be stripped of his name...Natural Born Killer my ass...

 Condit controlled the octagon and controlled Diaz.

Diaz had no control of the octagon. Carlos was going anywhere he wanted to.

Diaz had control of nothing except his ridiculous and wholly ineffective taunting

you guys are crazy have u ever sparred a day I'n your life? he ran the whole time ad only engaged when he had too did less damage and was scared too exchange. Phone Post

anyway... Condit lost his street cred...

Diaz fans are hilarious. Did less damage? Did you see Nick's face after the fight? He got out struck by a wide margin. If you want to give him that fight based on walking towards his opponent for 5 rounds then I'm not sure what to tell you.

Diaz owned the octagon control but that means shit when your getting the shit beat out of you. Phone Post

Guys, Condit was running....I thought he was going to get track shoes put on after the second round. Seriously I had the card 49-46....I have never been so off in a fight in my life.

"he had conduit backpedaling for 3 of the 5 rounds"

If Diaz controlled the octagon Condit would not be going where he wanted. Condit landed every significant shot.

Diaz didn't control? You have to be kidding me. He controlled the whole fight. And should of done 1-4 what he did if 5th for a sure win. Phone Post