Oculus Quest 2 is crack cocaine

I just burned an unhealthy amount of time playing Beat Saber and Thrill of the Fight. I am fuckin useless.

Thrill of the Fight plus 2 lb wrist weights makes for a damn fun workout.

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Walkabout golf is awesome. Wander is a favorite of mine, great for sitting and wasting time.

I expect you to die is my latest find. Very fun escape room type game. Extremely well done.

Oculus is great. So many people have no clue how good it really is. Different though, kind of short games, but so well done now.

You’re gonna make me even more useless

What are the must get games? Should be getting oculus for birthday this month. Never tried it

Let me just advocate for “I expect you to die”. It’s awesome. Might be over too quickly for some, and you could do it in 25 mins w walkthroughs. Don’t.

Oculus games are not regular video games. Some things carry over, some don’t. Don’t worry about the shortness of some apps (although some do suck). This one is quality, sequel coming.

New guys to oculus- get the app on your phone, look daily. New sale almost daily, put items on wishlist, they will be on sale eventually.

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I am interested, but I have read you should download games from a computer or on Steam? I am utterly clueless and I don’t want to buy it and not know what I’m doing

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You can purchase and download games from the occulus store out of the box, but it’s also possible to connect it to your pc and use it to play PC VR games, which are more involved and graphically superior. There’s also an occulus app for your PC. Sometimes it’s better to purchase occulus games from there because it will give you both the dedicated occulus quest 2 version, and a graphically superior PC version that can only be played while connected to your computer. This is only available for some games, and other games are only available over your PC connection because the quest headset can’t handle running them on its own.

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Complicated question about buying games from where. It gets very dumb. Essentially, if I can, I buy from oculus app on my phone directly. Guaranteed correct version, and there is a big benefit to quest 2 being standalone.

Down the line, set up link (or air link) and you can check out the other more computer heavy apps. (Hl-alyx) if you have the PC.to run it.

Very confusing.

Wishlist shit in app. Buy from app if you can. App has daily rotating deals. When app not on sale, you might wait a while, so get when it is.

We have one in our house, and I think we may need another soon. I sense my two sons may start fighting over it.
I’ve only played “super hot” on it and the demo for the boxing game. It’s fun and I can see how it’s addictive.

Is this the version you need to have a Facebook account for? I was in either Walmart or target this week and saw some vr headset that looked awesome and almost bought it but you need facebook to use it and honest I don’t have one so it was a deal breaker for me (I have no issue with social media for others I just like being left alone).

Damn thats a good idea.

Yeah, I agree it’s awesome. I was a VR virgin until I bought it last October and it blew me away. I talked a couple friends into getting it and now we get to hang out in VR at least once a week. Walkabout mini golf is great with new updates all the time (just released an update where you could fly anywhere). I also really like PokerStarsVR (free) for poker & blackjack with my friends.

I created a mumbo jumbo email address to register a mumbo jumbo facebook account, so I can use the oculus. I never used my real name or real anything.

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Yeah, I’m not even about to do that it pisses me off that I would have to go that far to buy a product. No worries, ill continue living my life the same without a VR headset

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I just burned an embarrassing amount of time playing VR ping pong

More crack cocaine

The Room
I expect you to die
Steam VR tennis