Odd Celebrity Endorsements



Interesting! Good thread ... Vtfu ,,,,,,
The aliens one was intriguing ,,, Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, I was surprised to find there was a product tie-in for Reebok on that movie.

I was even more surprised to see Boris Karloff used as the model for a skin-care regimen...


Where is Ricky bobby for big red? Phone Post 3.0

Tony Siragusa for Depends shields and guards Phone Post 3.0

Spock was either ahead of the times, or behind based on your perspective. Phone Post 3.0

Oak the Toke - Tony Siragusa for Depends shields and guards Phone Post 3.0
The only answer Phone Post 3.0

I'm still fascinated by the old Extenze commercials featuring Jimmy Johnson. The end of every spot said to ask you operator how you can win a chance to attend a dinner with Jimmy and other Extenze users.

Who the fuck went to this dinner and what the fuck did they talk about?! I've looked through the entire internet looking for a retelling of this magical meal, but there's nothing to be found. All I can assume is that whatever darkness took place that evening was too much for the internet.

RC Cola is the shit!