OD'd friday night

Took 800mg serequol and 8 valium tablets.

Ambos and cops came....the whole hoohaa!

Long story short i survived...and have been assessed by a mental health team.

They believe i have borderline personality disorder

Im not open to psychotherapy which is really the only cure...so basically im on borrowed time...as i keep self medicating.

Flame away people flame away

Are you the dude who made the words hurt thread?

Was the high good before you went unconscious

I'm glad your still with us.

Get the help, dude

What you gonna do?

Make a change or get the same result.

TFK_Mas Tisu -

Get the help, dude

Yes. Get the help. 

Been there done that . I have a great life these days .. so can you . Take the help man 

Get help man!

How you feel about yourself in a given moment is usually not how the world feels about you.

You need help, dude. Don't go this route! What's going on is a bunch of fucked up chemicals in your brain that are making you feel this way, it's not your fault. It sucks that some people get dealt that hand but that's just the way it is. You can get better

"Im not open to psychotherapy which is really the only cure"

What do you possibly have to lose??

Take the help. You'll be glad you did later.