Odd problem with old game

I wonder can you guys help with this. I got a new laptop recently and have started porting over some of my old software. I've got an old, and I mean old, game called Carrier Command. It was released in the 80's on the Amiga and C64. I found a PC version a few years back and happily play it whenever the nostalgia hits.

Or I did. My old laptop ran this thing fine. That was a P3 1GHZ with an integrated SIS650 graphics card running Windows ME. My current laptop is a P4 3Ghz with a Geforce 5200 card running XP home. And it can't run it properly. Whenever there is some action or I fire a laser, the game slows up to nothing.

So what's going on here? Why can the older computer play it better? I've tried compatibility mode but nothings working. Anyone have any suggestions?

OS problem

By the way, can I buy you old laptop? Quick 150?

It's broke unfortunately :>. You mean that's it, there's no way around it?

you can try running the program in an older OS mode (this is an option in XP)

try this dude:


Oooo Ooo, I love broken laptops, I'll pay shipping :)


You have to be kidding right?

If DosBox won't play it, you're SOL.

Do you remember this game loading the dos 4gw extender?

If so, it won't run under xp proper but may run in a third party virtual machine.

Dosbox runs it like a dream. Cheers guys :>.

Dosbox rocks my socks