odd shoulder pain

i just recently started to get an odd pain in my shoulder. It feels like a small spot inside of it is burning. It doesnt hurt bad per-say, but its annoying as hell and quite noticable. any ideas?

Agree but make sure you have a sharp knife

done! ahhhh, yes, much better.

I hope you remembered to save the limb ...

I have a spur in mine,could be similair.

I got a pain like that palying softball this summer. It started burning then popping. Eventually my arm would get numb down to the elbow and I'd have hardly any strength. The numbness came when I wouldn't quit playing and finally it got to the point that this was everyday and I couldn't work. I feel fine now but really not sure what happened in my arm.

I've separated my AC join before playing rugby, and the pain if pretty acute. Do you have trouble moving your arm across your body or above your head? If so it could be that you have torn your AC slightly. Doesn't sound too bad if its just an irritation but it can build which is what happened to me