ODD Vids

I saw the thread
"Seen quite a few vids but never this one."

and got to thinking...I was wondering if anyone has copys of these 2.

1. {I have searched Youtube and also asked him myself and he does not have it on tape. My friend Cardio Mike Edwards who used to do toughman and formerly fought under "The Butcher" Mike Edwards. Mike says he fought in EC 30

{From his website cardiomikefitness.com
"In 1998, he won the Wichita Toughman Contest and began his training in Mix Martial Arts making his fighting debut in Extreme Challenge 30 and finishing his opponent in 1:28 in the first round. He remained undefeated as a mix martial artist until losing to the #1 ranked fighter in the world at the time, Joe Slick"

Does anyone have either of these 2 fights or links to them?

2. John Lober vs. Igor{I believe it was Extreme Fighting 3 or 4?

Thanks as always and anyone can get it done, you can UG!