Oddessa's Interview on the Corner!

Great interview with the best in the business-

Why the fuck did you pick Carson Joey?  Why the fuck did you pick Baaaab?



I'll give it a listen. I always get them emailed to me.

Good interview...


great interview, bob... lets make it a habit getting joey on your show... by far the most unique insight into mma that no other show offers... good work...

checking it out

Joey best handicapper in the game


Phil B


Good interview.




I'm not a fan of the Carson show at all, but Oddessa is one of the best interviews in the sport.  Unique perspective, brutal honesty and a proven track record.

That was a good interview. Oddessa and Carson should host the show together.

Oh yeah, best of luck to you, NYBA.

Yeah honestly that was not a bad show IMO overall. The host guy could sure improve vocally but some funny stuff when it came out right and good interview.... at least it was different from the usual "where do you train? are you ready for this fight?"sort of stuff. I seriously listen to MMA radio almost never because its just all the same jive. This was ok to me!

LOL but maybe I will hear another and the guys voice will piss me off more.

Joey Oddessa is The Best.

TTT for Joey Oddessa, Bob Carson and forum fun