Odds for these Couture fights?

Can someone tell me what the odds were for Couture vs Liddel nad Ortiz?

And does anyone know good betting sites for MMA and boxing?

Thanks in advance.


Couture will win. That is all you need to know.

Couture must have been a pretty big dog for Liddell fight, and probably a slight underdog for Ortiz fight. Probably around +200 or +250 for Liddell and probably +100 for Ortiz. That's my guess, don't really remember though.

Tristar is correct.

he was about +200/+180 for Chuck, and even money IIRC for Tito.

+240 for couture against ortiz at the mandalay bay sports booth. I still have the ticket stub, i lost unfortunatly though. I thought ortiz was gonna win cuz, but i felt couture would. Shoulda gone on instinct

He didn't get that high vs. Tito. He was 8-5 at worst.

thanks guys

what is Randy for this fight? probably around -130 I'm guessing

Randy -155 to -210 depending where ur looking.


Current Pinny Odds:

Randy Couture -165
Vitor Belfort +155

Chuck Liddell -323
Vernon "Tiger" White +293

Justin Eilers -158
Mike Kyle +148

Matt Lindland -228
David Terrell +208

Joe Doerksen -190
Joe Riggs +180

Josh Thomson -102
Yves Edwards -108

Nick Diaz -144
Karo Parisyan +134

Chris Lytle -228
Ronald Jhun +208


whats up Joey.

number seems right on Couture. Which way do you think that number is gonna move come closer to Friday night?

I actually opened higher. They bet him down a bit. Randy alwasy scares me because as you know he never seems to get it done when he is a betting favorite. The last UFC's have been good for our line of work b/c there really were'nt alotta big favs, over 3-1. Props to Joe Silva for making competitive matchups. I really think you could see Randy as low as -125 on fight night, only b/c Vegas will look at his age ,and then Vitors highlights and bet him down. They pounded Chuck up from like -160 to -250???? I think and you saw what happened there. Gotta love MMA. Best sport in world.............next to amatuer wrestling :)

Anyone can be beat on any given day. I think the favs will go at least 6-2 again on this card. Hope so anyway. Jhun, Vitor, and Terrell got the early nmoney. Yves is starting to get pumped up a bit too. Might see that fav flip if it hasnt already. Pinny moves themselves on money. Sportsbook.com is mostly me makin the moves on info and some on money.

Hope all is going well up there. Woulda liked a more tropical climate and I mighta still been there, but the wild west down here is more comforting to me. Not much law enforecment. :) Take it ez and tell Jon I said hello. I chated w/ him a month ago or so and he seemed to be doing well.

Think I'll be on mmaweekly radio 2mmrow if u wanna tune it.

ya, Jon's doing good, I'll tell him you said what's up

ttt for Joey.