odds on tito vs. ken?

i think tito is a lock if there is such a thing in fighting...you might have to put up 4 or 5 hundred to win 100 but i think its easy money...anybody know what the odds are??

Tito Ortiz -777

Ken Shamrock +707


i was just checking betus.com and tito is -900 shamrock +500

other ones sherk -450 kenflo +350 ... matt hamill -200 petruzelli +160 ... kendall grove -450 price +350

i might put 100 on KENFLO 200 ON TITO

KENFLO is fighting SHERK...100 on kenflo would win me 350 ...now the hard part i put 1500 to 1800 on tito win 200 hundred..you get it? kenflo loses tito wins i win 100..they both win i win 550

Someone translate on how much it would take to win a $100 if you bet on Tito.

Odds are Ken will look like this again: