Ode to a wrestler

"Ode to a Wrestler"

Calling my name, report to mat four
Sprinting through halls to settle a score
Run to my coach who's already there
Forgot my headgear so he throws me a spare
Walk to the table and tell them my name
Look to my side while he does the same
Go to the circle and snatch up my colors
Head to my corner and there is my brother
Puts on my anklets, then slaps my face
Dad grabs the strap and snaps it in place
You know what to do, now go take control
Then cracks my ass so I'm ready to go
Take a deep breath and step on my line
No help out here, this match is all mine
Ref says shake hands and lets keep it clean
I reach out my hand and truly look mean
Ref blows the whistle, they scream in the stands
We cannot hear them, it's man against man
A flurry of fury, a fight to the end
One final whistle, then we shake again
This moment is earned, this moment in time
One arm is raised, and that arm is mine
A lifetime of training for six minutes of war
The whole cosmic battle, reduced to its core
Some warriors win and some warriors lose
But we chose to wrestle, us glorious few

J.D.G. 2008

get em fitch

 WAR FITCH. Great fight against GSP. I was there and loved every minute. Can't wait to see you back in the Octagon.


chea brah.

fitch what was your favorite take down in HS

double leg

 Thanks for posting that Mr. Fitch. 

Teaching HS kids to wrestle, can you give me a order of operation, as far as what you think is best to emphasize?

obviously stance the first day and penetration steps, but do we have em start rolling and drilling halfs and bar arms right off the bat so they can learn to fight off theri back? thats what Im leaning towards, heavy emphasis on wrestling on the ground for the frosh....

 sweet fucking poem...that takes me back to highschool

i usually emphasize double legs early on, along with double defense. Then basic stand up from bottom and 2 or 3 basic break downs or basic pinning combination.

The double teaches them the core positioning they will use in just about every wrestling area.

Thanks bud. Want to send the kids an autographed picture or something and a little note?


Diaz 3:16 - Thanks bud. Want to send the kids an autographed picture or something and a little note?

 Ebay is a helluva drug

Send self addressed and postage paid envelope large enough for a 9x11 pic to my gym. Ill send it back as soon as I can.

 ttt for the kids!

If a fight with you and Jake Shields happened, I'm sure you guys will fight before your careers are over. How would you see yourself winning?

How is training going?

 Nice to see you interacting with the fans Jon.One of the few high profile fighters not to be ran off by the goons.


ever consider giving a run at 185? you have the style to beat silva