# of "active" pro MMA fighters?

Let's set the bar to at least two fights per year to be considered active. With that in mind, how deep do you think the pool is for each weight class? My estimate is:

100 for LW

150 for for WW

200 for MW

150 for LHW

100 for HW



Even though this is a question that can't be answered, you're outta your gourd if you think those are the numbers.

That means if 10 pro heavyweights are in a room that they are 10% of the population of heavyweight fighters. There are thousands of guys out there fighting. There are shows all the time and it's not that difficult to get yourself a fight.

I live in Columbus, OH and MMA is really strong in the state, but if your numbers were right I know a good portion of the entire MMA world which just isn't true.

I seriously doubt you know of more than 50 middleweights that fight professionally at least twice a year.

There are way more than that.

LOL. I've had nearly 1,000 different fighters compete in RITC over the past 9 years. Your estimates are woefully low.

Search Sherdog by weight class


Can you people not read? The one timers that competed 5 years ago do not count as active. I seriously doubt there's even close to 200 active MWs in the world.

There are way more than that just in the US